Tuesday, November 16, 2010

we love daddy!

Fuelled by a conversation about all the things that daddy does for us and how hard he works, the girls decided that baking a cake for him would be a nice way to say thank you to daddy and show him just an ounce of how much we love him. Of course, it had to be a surprise!

45 minutes is a long wait for two little girls...

What should we do while we wait?

Finally the bell rings and the cake is ready for decorating...

More surprises for daddy...special words assembled just for you, daddy - you can just imagine what they say...

This solitary m took many, many, minutes for little Miss M to find amongst a sea of tiny pasta letters! All that patience and perseverance, just for you, daddy. xxxxxxx

Thank you for all that you do for us every day, darling husband and loving daddy.

And just in case you need reminding, we have it written on the wall! x
{Thank you, Janette, from My Sweet Prints}


  1. this is just so sweet ... a delicious looking cake and those little pasta letters are fun!
    What a lucky daddy mr T is!

  2. Oh, I agree with sweet Sarah - Mr T is blessed. And it's lovely to see gorgeous Janette's work on your wall. J x

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your Eye Chart on your blog! Your husband is a lucky man!


little rays of sunshine... thank you for your kind words. X