Friday, November 19, 2010

I spy with my little eye

Whilst big sister is enjoying a day at preschool, little miss and I enjoy 5 or so hours together two days a week. Just the two of us. Just her, and me. Shared conversations, shared smiles and laughs. Shared glances. Occasionally there are no words for many minutes and I recognise how precious even those moments are. I just love witnessing the things she notices, what catches her attention, what makes her thoughtful, what makes her laugh, what inspires those cheeky little comments, (and what inspires the unhappy, frustrating and even tantruming it was when her top bunched up at the sleeves when she bent her arm...oh dear!), which thoughts out of her hundreds she chooses to share with me. I feel so lucky to be in her company. I was able to capture on film a few things that were important to her in her day. Things that only her height, her imagination and her determination could observe and ponder over.
Collecting flowers on the hill is a favourite ritual after preschool drop off.
I'm glad I have saved so many jam jars for these treasures to be displayed at home, in the bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms, living rooms!

Following a snail's slow journey down the path and through the holes in the gutter.
Lucky that we were not rushing off anywhere!

Marvelling at the giant tree roots.
I would not have stopped to admire them if she were not with me.

Spotting a red bulb through the thick leaves as we walked the footpath on the way to the shops. She was fascinated by it's colour, the colour of the leaves and and why it was hiding in the leaves. I love that she could spontaneously appreciate it's beauty.
I would never have noticed this!

Skipping and singing to the car on our way to pick up her big sister, Miss M soon met danger in the form of an uneven footpath...after some hugs and and first aid, when granted acceptance to hold the first aid pouch from my handbag, this was the result by the time we arrived at the preschool!!
I was asked to kiss them all better - how cute!!

Big sister, your turn will come soon! x mummy

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  1. Great images and this sounds like such a nice day!
    Love her little curls, just super cute :)


little rays of sunshine... thank you for your kind words. X