Monday, November 8, 2010

the mango man

"The Mango Man" sets up just above the river by the side of the road most days now. A favourite food of the two little girls. After we stopped to buy a tray today, Miss E told me this was the funnest time! On arrival at home, the girls set about becoming "The Mango Girls". The little red wagon was the vehicle from which to advertise and sell the mangoes (at the tops of their voices!); Miss M even played the guitar and sang about mangoes! We made signs to put up telling people the price - $10...very reasonable I thought...until I was told that was for 1 mango!!! We also had a thoughtful discussion over the colour of the flesh -
is it yellow or orange?


  1. we would love to stop by and purchase some yummy mangoes from that cute little red wagon...miss M - i know mr W would just love to play his guitar with you! x

  2. What a cute little blog:)

    I just found you...sweet photos:)

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little rays of sunshine... thank you for your kind words. X