Thursday, February 24, 2011

Vintage finds I love!

I found these treasures at my local second hand shop.  Such a great feeling to rediscover the joy of finding them again once you arrive home and unwrap the crisp butchers paper... and wonder where your new love will be placed in your home!

three gorgeous vintage books, one of them from 1920!
a sweet pale pink vintage teapot made in New Zealand
a floral 3 piece tea set
This bamboo table was in its natural state and the top covered in fabric.  I removed the fabric and spray painted it white. Only one coat has been done here, one more to go and maybe a new fabric cover...
A divine white lace tablecloth that appears unused - for $30!
this vintage french lace (from the 1940's the tag said).  I LOVE it.  I could dedicate a whole post to this lace, its beauty  and its possibilities!  It sits in the girls' room atop their tallboy for all to admire.
happy treasure hunting everyone!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


I   believe  ...   my   girls   should   experience   all   of   the   above!

I bought this at the Finders Keepers markets last December next to Carriageworks, near Redfern in Sydney.  I would really love to state the name of the company from whom I purchased it, but sadly, it is not written anywhere on the poster nor on the plastic sleeve in which it was packaged and my memory is not serving me well...sorry I cannot acknowledge the lovely lady who produced this fantastic piece of wall art!

It is now in a white frame in the girls' bedroom.  Miss's E & M often ask me to read it to them, which I love to do!

It makes me think about my own beliefs and dreams and what I would like written on my bedroom walls.  I think it would go something like this...

Embrace your family
Roll down a hill
Enjoy high tea
Browse antiques
Be spontaneous

(Why change this last one?!)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

creepy crawlies - to spray or not to spray

I just had our house sprayed by a pest control company.  I have only found two cockroaches inside the house since we moved in last October, plus a few other harmless but annoying insects and bugs, certainly not a dire problem, but...
two too many in my opinion.

I am all about a pesticide free home. For my family's safety and for the environment's.  We use chemical free cleaners and body products and we eat basically organic everything but I just can't tolerate creepy crawlies in my house.  I agonised over calling the pest control company and read all the details on their website, which contained comments such as no harm to the environment, no harm to your children or pets.  
I guess that's okay it??

The company advises children with asthma, pregnant women and children under four had to leave the house for 4 hours until the spray residue completely dried off.  My mum was at my house when they arrived and they advised she, too, leave the house.  

So how bad is it?  
What is that chemical? 
(He told me the name of it but I just can't remember, started with 'p').

I was told not to wash the floors for a few days (vacuuming is okay) so I have an anxious few days a head as I implore my little girls not to take their shoes off under any circumstance for fear of getting 'poison' as they call it on their feet, which, could be transferred who knows where!

Would I do it again in a years time? 
I'm not sure.  I think I have a lot of reading to do.

What are the alternatives?

 I loaned a book from the library some months ago on chemical free pest control but during the busy weeks of moving house had to return it before enlightening myself.  Must find it or something similar again soon!  Any thoughts or suggestions are most welcome!
...Now, where is our bug catcher???


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Early Valentines for me!

My Valentine's Day - February 10th!
We don't normally make a fuss on Valentine's Day, it is usually a card with some heartfelt words which I love (and keep!), maybe a dinner out during that week or maybe a special dinner cooked at home, however, My Valentines surprise (well, that's what I'm calling it!) came early and without notice this morning.

It was a preschool morning.
The usual routine:
 lie in bed 10m past my alarm, 
up for a quick run (not every morning by the way), 
back home, 
 empty dishwasher, 
lunchbox prep, 
washing on the line, 
girls dressed,
 breakfasts made, 
talks about the day ahead with my husband, 
quick tidy of the house, 
shoes on and toilet reminder (for the girls:) ) 
before hopping in the car.

We have a great automatic coffee machine and love a cup most mornings.  (I love choosing different cups on different mornings to make this little routine a bit fun and special). Today I was really rushing, I had made the coffee for us both (we love these silicone cups from Lark to run out the door with) but I was distracted and ran out of time to do the milk.  I just had to leave then and there so we would arrive at preschool on time, or at least, not too late.  So with my strong black and girls in the car, I reversed out of the drive way and was on the road, ready to take off when my darling husband came running out the door on to the road, milk jug in hand!  I opened the window and he poured milk into my coffee cup.  Such a sweet, sweet gesture and so thoughtful.  It made my day.

Thank you, my Valentine. X

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

gone fishing

A first experience for the two little misses, this was a day to remember from our seashore holiday.  Some very special friends took us out on their boat for a few hours of fun on the river.

After 30 seconds of hooking the bait onto the line, miss e exclaimed:

 "It takes a long time to catch a fish!" !

A little more time
Lots of bites and nibbles
A lot of giggles
A little more patience

A lot of sighs as the line came out with no bait, and no fish attached...

But lots of excitement when a fish finally was caught!!!!

It was admired and gracefully tossed back into it's shimmering home.

New things to learn and feel...
 Colours and sounds to experience...
I love the freckle on this little hand...
 Thoughts and emotions are expressed...
Patience is practised...

And has paid off...

An experience we all want to repeat again and again, and again. 
Thank you, b & r. X

Thursday, February 3, 2011

two weeks by the seashore

How fabulous it was to spend two weeks at the beach to celebrate the end of the year and the arrival of a new one.  We were prepared for inclement weather i.e. vintage seaside jigsaw puzzles, vintage ludo, books and loads of art and craft, however we were blessed with so much sunshine these activities only had periodic use.  We quickly settled into our little ceremonies each day (I love making routine things fun and special),   - the girls would wake before the two of us and set themselves up for craft or cartoons (after cuddles in our bed but with little chance of actually getting us out of there!), a run through the national park, a swim in the ocean, breakfast on the verandah, across the road for coffees and babycinos, and finally settling into a morning at the beach.  Day time naps for everyone! A spot of shopping here and there, time with friends... and then a lazy afternoon before dinner and flopping into bed.  Bliss.

Here are some of the elements that made up our seaside escape:

frisbee games on the sand;

little fingers collecting seashells and marvelling at them;

numerous trips from sand to ocean and back again with buckets of sand and water;

time to stare into space and dream (cute little vintage christmas applique singlet from the gorgeous sarah at one perfect day);

divine kaftans (from kaftan kids) to float around in and enjoy the ocean breeze;

fun games and craft:

and beautiful views:

Ahh!  Our beach toys bag is still slung around the corner of a chair in our garden with buckets of queensland sand strewn throughout.  I don't want to clean it out!  It's a lovely reminder of relaxed family time in the sand and sun.  I'll leave it there, I think, for at least a few more days!  Wishing you all much sunshine and happy little ceremonies every day.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

wordless wednesday - seaside castle

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