Thursday, February 3, 2011

two weeks by the seashore

How fabulous it was to spend two weeks at the beach to celebrate the end of the year and the arrival of a new one.  We were prepared for inclement weather i.e. vintage seaside jigsaw puzzles, vintage ludo, books and loads of art and craft, however we were blessed with so much sunshine these activities only had periodic use.  We quickly settled into our little ceremonies each day (I love making routine things fun and special),   - the girls would wake before the two of us and set themselves up for craft or cartoons (after cuddles in our bed but with little chance of actually getting us out of there!), a run through the national park, a swim in the ocean, breakfast on the verandah, across the road for coffees and babycinos, and finally settling into a morning at the beach.  Day time naps for everyone! A spot of shopping here and there, time with friends... and then a lazy afternoon before dinner and flopping into bed.  Bliss.

Here are some of the elements that made up our seaside escape:

frisbee games on the sand;

little fingers collecting seashells and marvelling at them;

numerous trips from sand to ocean and back again with buckets of sand and water;

time to stare into space and dream (cute little vintage christmas applique singlet from the gorgeous sarah at one perfect day);

divine kaftans (from kaftan kids) to float around in and enjoy the ocean breeze;

fun games and craft:

and beautiful views:

Ahh!  Our beach toys bag is still slung around the corner of a chair in our garden with buckets of queensland sand strewn throughout.  I don't want to clean it out!  It's a lovely reminder of relaxed family time in the sand and sun.  I'll leave it there, I think, for at least a few more days!  Wishing you all much sunshine and happy little ceremonies every day.


  1. those kaftans are just stunning ... that book is our favourite golden book at the moment and your little vintage games are just so sweet. your holiday moments are perfect x

  2. What a lovely holiday, Denise. Your words "I love making routine things fun and special" have reminded me that I seem to have a lost a bit of enthusiasm in the parenting stakes lately. I am anxious to get it back! x

  3. sounds like a beautiful holiday you had ... loving the kaftans too!

  4. Very nice series of photos summer ... with the cold that made in Europe. Nice pictures.

  5. What gorgeous pics. Like you I find myself reluctant to unpack after holidays. They always hold such wonderful, happy memories don't they? Lovely blog. x

  6. I am sooo over winter now - and especially when I see pictures like this!! Hoping for an early spring this year :)

  7. Hi
    Nice of you to visit my blog :-)
    I envy you the sun and the beach. Here is cold, and all weekend it has been raining.
    Have a nice day

    Hug Mette

  8. So cute. Gorgeous pics. Have just discovered your blog. Just beautiful.



little rays of sunshine... thank you for your kind words. X