Thursday, February 10, 2011

Early Valentines for me!

My Valentine's Day - February 10th!
We don't normally make a fuss on Valentine's Day, it is usually a card with some heartfelt words which I love (and keep!), maybe a dinner out during that week or maybe a special dinner cooked at home, however, My Valentines surprise (well, that's what I'm calling it!) came early and without notice this morning.

It was a preschool morning.
The usual routine:
 lie in bed 10m past my alarm, 
up for a quick run (not every morning by the way), 
back home, 
 empty dishwasher, 
lunchbox prep, 
washing on the line, 
girls dressed,
 breakfasts made, 
talks about the day ahead with my husband, 
quick tidy of the house, 
shoes on and toilet reminder (for the girls:) ) 
before hopping in the car.

We have a great automatic coffee machine and love a cup most mornings.  (I love choosing different cups on different mornings to make this little routine a bit fun and special). Today I was really rushing, I had made the coffee for us both (we love these silicone cups from Lark to run out the door with) but I was distracted and ran out of time to do the milk.  I just had to leave then and there so we would arrive at preschool on time, or at least, not too late.  So with my strong black and girls in the car, I reversed out of the drive way and was on the road, ready to take off when my darling husband came running out the door on to the road, milk jug in hand!  I opened the window and he poured milk into my coffee cup.  Such a sweet, sweet gesture and so thoughtful.  It made my day.

Thank you, my Valentine. X


  1. Lucky you, what a fantastic husband!!

  2. It is amazing how the simplest thoughful things makes the most impression.This is a really nice romantic story :)
    Oh I wish we were closer we could run together :)

  3. Oh bless him! That's so lovely and thoughtful.

  4. Now you really have a sweetheart
    for a Valentine. That's love.


  5. It really is the little things that matter isn't it!! Loved reading your story!!

  6. he's a good guy that mr T ... give him a hug from us x

  7. Hi Denise! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment!!! I look forward to stopping by your space and reading about your "adventures in flight and at rest" :) xo


little rays of sunshine... thank you for your kind words. X