Tuesday, February 15, 2011

creepy crawlies - to spray or not to spray

I just had our house sprayed by a pest control company.  I have only found two cockroaches inside the house since we moved in last October, plus a few other harmless but annoying insects and bugs, certainly not a dire problem, but...
two too many in my opinion.

I am all about a pesticide free home. For my family's safety and for the environment's.  We use chemical free cleaners and body products and we eat basically organic everything but I just can't tolerate creepy crawlies in my house.  I agonised over calling the pest control company and read all the details on their website, which contained comments such as no harm to the environment, no harm to your children or pets.  
I guess that's okay then...is it??

The company advises children with asthma, pregnant women and children under four had to leave the house for 4 hours until the spray residue completely dried off.  My mum was at my house when they arrived and they advised she, too, leave the house.  

So how bad is it?  
What is that chemical? 
(He told me the name of it but I just can't remember, started with 'p').

I was told not to wash the floors for a few days (vacuuming is okay) so I have an anxious few days a head as I implore my little girls not to take their shoes off under any circumstance for fear of getting 'poison' as they call it on their feet, which, could be transferred who knows where!

Would I do it again in a years time? 
I'm not sure.  I think I have a lot of reading to do.

What are the alternatives?

 I loaned a book from the library some months ago on chemical free pest control but during the busy weeks of moving house had to return it before enlightening myself.  Must find it or something similar again soon!  Any thoughts or suggestions are most welcome!
...Now, where is our bug catcher???



  1. Oh Denise, I would have agonised over that decision as well. I have decided not to use any chemicals for pest control but haven't had a major pest infestation so that might change how I feel. Anyway, I am sure that minimal exposure to anything is fine!

    As far as natural pest control... Lemon oil is fabulous for controlling spiders and peppermint oil works on ants. Both need to be essential. Not sure about cockroaches, they are horrid, nasty little nightmare bugs!!! I will ask my trusty health food shop people.

  2. Thank you, Emma! Excellent info re lemon and peppermint oils - we actually have had an ant invasion in the last two weeks and they seem to be unaffected by the pest control spray! Peppermint and lemon oils are at the top of my To Do List tomorrow - thank you for your knowledgeable advice!

  3. Tough call. I agree, 2 is too many. Would you be able to set some traps things for them instead?

  4. funny that you wrote about this ... we are also due and i also feel very uncertain about what to do. i will add the lemon and peppermint oils to my shopping list. talk to you very soon x

  5. I too use lemon and peppermint oil. Personally I wouldn't get my house fumigated for a few cockroaches...but then I probably wouldn't get it done unless we have a severe bug issue.

    Just found my way here and am now a follower!!!

  6. Denise! Great post! I do love that bug catcher. LovT


little rays of sunshine... thank you for your kind words. X