Friday, December 3, 2010

pretty little things

I have always quite liked hanging washing out.

It makes me happy knowing that everything that was soiled is now clean - a simple concept but satisfying nonetheless! I enjoy being 'green', using the clothesline and not the dryer and the thought of fresh air flowing through our clothes is also very satisfying and calming.

I also like admiring the little details of my little people's clothing - smocking, embroidery, frills, pop-poms, gathering, tulle, the texture of a lovely linen.

A glance at the size on their clothes floods my mind with amazement that they are already in that size clothing and brings memories of moments, days, months and years gone past...where does the time go? I feel so relieved to know that I have made the most of my time at home with them.

It's a quick, fleeting distraction but always very welcome in my day. Here are a few snaps depicting my own perspective at the clothesline as well as the little girls' perspective.

The simplicity and versatility of a basket of pegs. Indispensable tool for me; counting, ordering or make believe doll game for the girls. And natural timber - nice!


  1. oh denise, this gives me goose - bumps. gorgeous white dresses hanging out to dry...and yes...where does the time go? x ps. love the little pom poms xx

  2. I totally agree, hanging the wash out is the best!
    It just smells so good when you take it back in, there is no perfume that can match it :)


  3. Utter gorgeousness, Denise. What camera do you use? These photos are stunning - just ethereal. J x

  4. Great series, my favorite is the second, I really like this frame. His words in my blog I blush. Greetings.


little rays of sunshine... thank you for your kind words. X